Pure Beach Sweetness. Ana and Brandon are married.

Ana and Brandon

These two are very special and dear to my heart! Brandon is a good friend of my husband and actually introduced me to him in college. So I have him to thank for introducing me to my hubby! While Brandon was staying with us for spring break he met Ana at the beach and from that point on they were inseparable.  They are amazing together and have so much in common. For one thing, they are both health nuts and both carry around a jug of water ever day (including their wedding day). 🙂  Both Ana and Brandon played sports in college and I can’t wait to see how talented their children will be. Their wedding was full of beautiful and breathtaking moments and it was so amazing to be able to capture this day for them and I wish them both a lifetime of happiness!

The Vendors

  • Flowers: Florals by the Sea
  • Ceremony Blue Mountain Beach
  • Reception: Bentley’s on the Bay
  • Caterer: Juan at Sugar Beach Catering
  • Cake: Cakes by Cheryl
  • Hair and Makeup: Make Me Blush in Destin by Jessica Miller
  • Wedding Coordinator: RSVP weddings Christen Cowgill



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RyanNovember 24, 2010 - 2:23 pm

I love your blog! Your style and work is amazing!!! Happy Thanksgiving from both of us!!!

jadorephotographieNovember 24, 2010 - 3:10 pm

Thanks Ryan! You just made my day!! I hope you and Ashley have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

rosie paschallNovember 27, 2010 - 7:47 pm

What a wonderful day, captured so artistically in black/white and color. These are lovely memories caught so tastefully and beatifully. A gorgeous couple ready to start their life together, so happy and radiant. Wow!

AnneNovember 27, 2010 - 8:01 pm


Andrea PendowskiNovember 27, 2010 - 9:07 pm

The pictures are great and having a special friend capturing the day meant a lot to both Ana and Brandon. Thank you!

MarthaNovember 28, 2010 - 2:20 am

Love your photographer.

AmandaNovember 28, 2010 - 4:59 pm

I love all the emotion captured in these pictures! Just beautiful!

AliceNovember 28, 2010 - 5:12 pm

Beautiful~precious memories.

AnnNovember 28, 2010 - 5:12 pm

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing this special day

LindseyBNovember 28, 2010 - 6:38 pm

Brandon: What a beautiful, beautiful day for you and Ana! Congratulations!

LegareNovember 28, 2010 - 8:17 pm

Beautiful! and Congratulations!

Ben PendowskiNovember 28, 2010 - 9:05 pm

Great pics!

StephanieNovember 30, 2010 - 3:03 am


StephanieNovember 30, 2010 - 3:08 am


Bill & Nancy Saunders (Nana & Papa)November 30, 2010 - 3:04 pm

Very professional, creative and beautiful photos. Deserving and appropriate for a beautiful couple.

Vince VellaNovember 30, 2010 - 3:19 pm

The photography is unique… a perfect blend of imagination and artistry…. My favorite is the ring in the shell…. May the charming couple enjoy a lifetime of happiness.

Elton KrogelNovember 30, 2010 - 3:24 pm

Well done.

Wicket da BearNovember 30, 2010 - 4:02 pm

Wow, looks like it was the perfect wedding! Perfect weather, lots of great friends and great photos to preserve the memories!

Helena KokkoNovember 30, 2010 - 4:32 pm

Congratulations !

What a beautiful couple, Ana & Brandon !
I wish you happiness for all your life

Helena from Finland

Zoe AndersonNovember 30, 2010 - 5:07 pm

Beautiful and creative. You are an artist.

Allen (Uncle Bud) KrogelNovember 30, 2010 - 5:37 pm

A beautiful addition to the family of Saunders & Pendowski.

SusanDecember 1, 2010 - 2:05 am

What a beautiful collection of memories through fantastic photography. Beautifully and artistically done capturing the special moments throughout the wedding and festivities. Congratulations to you, Brandon and Ana!

KlausDecember 1, 2010 - 1:22 pm

My god you guys look good – and I´m not talking just about you young ones. Ana – your mother looks as good as you!!! And I was able to recognize old Mike as well!!!! ;))D

Klaus – the exchange student from Finland!

CaraDecember 1, 2010 - 2:38 pm

The wedding was amazing! I am so glad I was able to share your beautiful day!!
<3 Cara

Katie IngrahamDecember 1, 2010 - 7:03 pm

Congratulations to my Ana 🙂 I’m so happy for you and Brandon and thankful to be able to share your special day with you!!! Love you!

Christina CoxDecember 2, 2010 - 2:43 am

GORGEOUS PICTURES! love ya both so much 🙂

Bentley KnoxDecember 2, 2010 - 11:27 pm

Love you Emilja…the pics are awesome and so are both of you!!

Ward VanderbergDecember 3, 2010 - 10:21 am

What a cool setting, and beautiful photography. Truly memorable. Blessings and good luck.

Laura Lee HenryDecember 3, 2010 - 6:04 pm

Ana- You look amazing! I am so happy for the both of you and hope you will have the most amazing life together! Love you

Liz JohnsonDecember 3, 2010 - 10:28 pm

Ahhhh so beautiful! I’m so happy I got to be there love you Francis and Brandon!

Tom and Doris ChristensenDecember 4, 2010 - 2:03 pm

Brandon and Ana were blessed with a photography genius. Inspiring pictures of two wonderful people.

Bryan HenryDecember 8, 2010 - 4:18 pm

Congrats! So happy for the two of you!

Chris & Louis ChristensenDecember 8, 2010 - 5:36 pm

Beautiful couple, wonderful families, idllyic setting all remembered by stunning photography.

Grace GeorgeDecember 17, 2010 - 7:15 pm

Beautiful pictures you both look awesome!! Congrats to both of you!

A Southern Delight: Engagement Session

Jessica and Scott

Watercolor Resort and Rosemary Beach



Engagement sessions are always one of my favorite things to shoot, because the couple is always relaxed and you have more time to get to know the couple and learn how they fell in love.  From the first moment Scott met Jessica he was already sweeping her off her feet! (Literally) Jessica had twisted her ankle and Scott offered to carry her to the car and a love started to blossom.  It was such a treat to spend a few hours capturing their love and spending the day with them.  I would have to say that Scott is a man’s man, an avid outdoorsmen, and hunter, but when it comes to Jessica he is a true romantic. He proposed to his beautiful fiance by handing her a leather bound journal that on the pages read “Will you Marry Me?” and at the end of the book was Jessica’s Gorgeous Ring. They are getting married at Eden State Gardens and plan on having a beautiful reception at Bentley’s on the Bay! I personally can’t wait for their vintage inspired wedding!


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ashleyvictoriaphotographyNovember 20, 2010 - 7:53 pm

Love! LOVE.

ashleyvictoriaphotographyNovember 20, 2010 - 7:53 pm

Oh, I want to know about that journal??? With the ring in it.

jadorephotographieNovember 20, 2010 - 8:46 pm

The Journal is how he proposed to her! I added some more pictures of it! So sweet!

RobinNovember 21, 2010 - 6:51 pm

I can’t wait to see the rest! What a beautiful couple. I love the street pics!!! I see an engagement album!

Jessica LunsfordNovember 22, 2010 - 10:12 pm

I absolutely love the blog! Its so perfect! I am super excited about the bridal shoot and of course the wedding!!! Thank you again for giving us such beautiful pictures! I cannot wait to marry this man 🙂

Donna ElmoreNovember 22, 2010 - 10:30 pm

These pictures are absolutely FANTASTIC! The photographer is wonderful!! Y’all are so gorgeous! I can’t wait until the wedding. I’m so excited to be able to be a part of it! Love y’all!

Shea MyersNovember 22, 2010 - 11:13 pm

I love the pictures! You guys are so perfect for each other!!! I wish both Jessica and Scott the best and can’t wait for the wedding! 🙂

lisa gayNovember 23, 2010 - 12:31 am

love the photos of scott and jess definitly done an outstanding job!!!!!

JennaNovember 23, 2010 - 12:46 am

These pictures are absolutely amazing!! Jess & Scott seriously look like models and you can see the love that is shared! Best wishes in your marriage, and I can’t wait to see more pictures! 🙂

Lindsay TownsendNovember 23, 2010 - 1:27 am

I love the pictures!! They are beautiful and capture them so well!!! May the Lord bless your marriage!!

RhondaNovember 23, 2010 - 2:21 am

The pictures are beautiful, so different from your every day engagement pics, I love all of them.

Jenna CarlsonNovember 23, 2010 - 2:45 am

GORGEOUS!!! Jess and Scott, these are such awesome pictures for ya’ll to treasure! I am so excited for you two and love you both! Jenna

Rachel ColesNovember 23, 2010 - 3:21 am

I love the pictures! They look amazing!

Jordan SteeleNovember 23, 2010 - 2:31 pm

Your pictures are amazing! Can’t wait to see the wedding pics!

Desirea Evans CurlNovember 23, 2010 - 9:59 pm

I love the pictures. They truly capture the happiness of the couple. Well done.

Hollis WatkinsNovember 23, 2010 - 10:01 pm

I LOVE these pictures! They turned out so well. I’m excited that I get to be in the next photo shoot!! I can’t wait to share this special day with such a wonderful couple!

Nicki CauseyNovember 23, 2010 - 10:02 pm

Great Pictures!! You did an awesome job!!!! The wedding will be here before you know it!!

McKenziNovember 23, 2010 - 10:15 pm

These pictures are amazing!! They really show the REAL Jess and Scott!! Jess- you are going to make a BEAUTIFUL bride!

Pam HaglerNovember 23, 2010 - 10:25 pm

These pictures are amazing! Y’all are beautiful! Love y’all!

Natalie McCrummenNovember 23, 2010 - 10:42 pm

I love the photos!!! What a great job! Jessica and Scott they are gorgeous!!

Tonya HendersonNovember 23, 2010 - 10:56 pm

The pictures are just beautiful!

Wendy HanshawNovember 24, 2010 - 12:27 am

The pictures are Amazing!!! I love all of them! Congrats to both of you!

BrookeNovember 24, 2010 - 2:15 am

I love the pictures!! I am so excited for you guys!!

Stephanie ThompsonNovember 24, 2010 - 2:38 am

I LOVE these pictures!!! Congrats Jess and Scott! I love you guys!

MomNovember 24, 2010 - 4:41 am

What an amazing photographer you are. You got Jessica and Scott to relax and just show their love for each other in front of the camera like we see everyday. As mother of the bride I couldn’t be more thrilled for you to be our photographer on Jessica and Scott’s BIG DAY-May 28, 2011.

Cheryl HerbsterNovember 24, 2010 - 2:27 pm

I love, love, love the pictures. So many to choose from…. I cannot wait to see the next set. These pictures will b e wonderful memories of a very special time for Jess & Scott as well as the rest of us. Thanks so much!!!!!

HeatherNovember 25, 2010 - 9:13 pm

Love the pics of Jessica and Scott

Kim LunsfordNovember 28, 2010 - 5:12 pm

Beautiful pictures. Can’t wait till May. You will have a hard decision choosing your favorites.

Jeanae GravesNovember 28, 2010 - 5:28 pm

Love the pictures, their happiness beams! They are priceless! Can’t wait to see more, they are such a beautiful couple. . .

Ursula StricklandNovember 28, 2010 - 7:16 pm

Jessica, the pics are absolutely beautiful!!! You are going to make a very pretty bride. Mrs Kathy, you have so much to be proud of and many blessings. Yall enjoy every step of this. These are moments that make the best memories.

Megan DiFilippoNovember 28, 2010 - 9:26 pm

Jess and Scott these are AMAZING can’t wait to share your special day with ya’ll!

Scott HerbsterNovember 28, 2010 - 9:37 pm

The pictures look great and it was actually fun taking them with my love!!!!!!! 143

Uncle TomNovember 29, 2010 - 12:48 am

The pictures are great, and you guys also look great!

Gregory Allen SummersNovember 29, 2010 - 12:52 am

Two of my favorite people that are just as beautiful on the inside as they are in these photos. What a super couple congrats !!!

Stephanie HawkinsNovember 29, 2010 - 1:03 am

Jess & Scott – The pictures are beautiful and are all so perfect! How do you choose?? Congrats and cant wait for the big day!

Mindy CampbellNovember 29, 2010 - 1:29 am

Great Pictures!!

KatherineNovember 29, 2010 - 6:51 pm

These pictures are amazing!

marissaNovember 29, 2010 - 7:04 pm

Wow beautiful, those are very gorgeous pictures. The people in them make it some easy to take marvelous pictures.

alysseNovember 29, 2010 - 7:37 pm

love, love, love the pics! absolutely beautiful! can’t wait to be a part of the big day…love you both!

JenniferNovember 29, 2010 - 8:15 pm

Congrats Scott and Jessica

Scott you truly look happy … I wish you all the best ….. Love the Photographs

mandyNovember 29, 2010 - 9:04 pm

Beautiful pictures! !!;)Congratulations on the marriage best wishes for the future Scott and Jessica!!

Rob ThurlowNovember 29, 2010 - 9:09 pm

Awesome pics, you guys – obviously something good going on between the two of you as well!

Michael WelchNovember 30, 2010 - 1:35 am

These are definitely some of the best pictures ever! Wish you guys the best! Can’t wait until the wedding!

Kellie LunsfordNovember 30, 2010 - 3:18 am

WOW!! Jessica and Scott could be the new faces of Jadore! We’re soooo happy for them. We can’t wait to see your creativity shine through in the wedding photos as well.

chris mayfieldNovember 30, 2010 - 10:06 pm

Congrats Scott I hope yall live a long and happy life together. The pictures are great!

Lisa HaleDecember 1, 2010 - 1:07 am

What a beautiful couple the pictures are gorgeous

LindsayDecember 1, 2010 - 1:28 am

These are amazing pictures of two beautiful people inside and out!

MeghanDecember 1, 2010 - 3:07 am

Your photos are beautiful! Josh and I are very excited for you all, wish you the best.

GeorgeDecember 1, 2010 - 4:30 am

Nice pics!

Bobbie HirschmanDecember 1, 2010 - 5:19 pm

Beautiful pictures. They look amazing together. Great job!!!

Bobbie HirschmanDecember 2, 2010 - 3:18 pm

Beautiful pictures. They are a very cute couple. Great job!!!

Pretty Presets Rock!

Pretty Presets




Why I love Pretty Presets? They are unique and offer a variety of different looks to fit your photography style without spending hours in Photoshop. These presets are very easy to use with Adobe Lightroom and can increase your workflow time. They also just released Vintage Textures, which I can’t wait to try out and their holiday cards are perfect for any family’s Christmas card. Please check them out and test our their freebies! I was so impressed when I tried them out, that I bought all the presets they had!

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Hello world!

Jadore la Photographie is Here!

I adore Photography is Here!

Check out our brand spanking new website at www.JadorePhotographie.com.

This is my first blog post on the new Blog! I am so excited to share with the world my new brand and website! It has been a long time coming. Although I really loved being J Giles Photography, I always wanted a name that reflected how I feel about photography. I absolutely adore photography and enjoy creating artistic memories for my clients and that is exactly what the new name means ” I adore Photography.”

We are currently working on customizing our Blog, so stay tuned for many more blog posts and and Awesome Blog DEsign coming soon!

Here is a little eye candy from our most recent Engagement Session!



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M o r e   i n f o
M o r e   i n f o